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Here's a few questions others had

  • What is digital marketing?
    Using the internet digital marketing is a customizable way to target your ideal audience, helping them take the journey from awareness into becoming a loyal, reoccurring customer. Different means of digital marketing include social media marketing, email marketing, marketing channels, and more.
  • What is remarketing?
    Remarketing is a way to connect with people who have previously interacted with your business online, such as following you Facebook or Instagram, visiting your website, etc.
  • Why should I use digital ads?
    Traditional ads (TV, radio, billboards, print) require a larger budget to be effective, no way to retarget the audience, harder to get the audience past the awareness and getting to considering buying in. With digital marketing we can customize the path that your audience takes from just being aware of your business, guiding them to become a customer, then further on to becoming a loyal, reoccurring customer.
  • Do people actually see Facebook and Instagram ads?
    Yes! Roughly 70% of American Adults use Facebook daily and of them 70% are on Facebook multiple times a day. Check out your statistics page for more information!
  • Is there a testing period?
    Yes, we have a testing period in the beginning of every ad we run and a maintain a consistent watch on the ads for the length that they run.
  • What do you do?
    4CE provides marketing services to businesses, in order to help them grow through sales and visibility.
  • Why do we need to have an initial meeting?
    We use that time to really get to know you, your business, products/services, learn about your ideal customers and locations. We get an understanding and a footing for the plan we make to get to the goals you’ve set.
  • How many people see Facebook and Instagram advertisements?
    There is a Facebook audience of roughly 2 billion people and of that number they spend about 29-37 minutes actively scrolling, liking or sharing during that time. For more information about this or other stats check out our statistics page!
  • How soon will I see results?
    Results varies from not only business to business but also depending on the time of year your advertising in. There are any factors but while we’re running your ads we will be keeping a close eye on how it is doing.
  • What is the maximum amount time that I can sign on with 4CE?
    There is no defined limit to how long you can sign on with us.
  • What is the minimum amount of time that I can sign on with 4CE?
    Typically the minimum amount of time is three months for a standard advertisement.

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